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We had our first home ed registration meeting last week, and the interviewer was so impressed with Simply Homeschool! She hadn’t heard of it before, so I showed her through the portal and explained how we used it, and she noted it down to include as a resource for other home educating parents. Huuuge thank you Karen for making this such a wonderful experience!  Veronika
My 14yo daughter just started this program and I am blown away by her enthusiasm to learn! She used to do nothing and had no interest at all!! Now my 12 yo son would like to start his home schooling journey too. Thanks so much for this amazing program!! Julie
Thank you Karen! We've been really enjoying Simply Homeschool lessons! I feel like it's the way homeschool should be - sitting down together with a good book and having meaningful discussions about the real world then applying it in a useful way. Charissa
My kids have been homeschooled all their life and since we started Simply Homeschool a few months ago it's the first time ever they have begged to do school and want to keep going when the lesson is done. I wish it was around when they were younger. Samantha
Karen, I will say you have done a wonderful job compiling this; I showed the AP from NESA when he was registering my daughter.  He was thoroughly impressed with Write in Colour. Lynn 
The maths book, 'Bright, Brave Open Minds’ (Part of Maths for Year 1) is fantastic. It’s a whole new way of thinking and it’s something we had never seen before...this new way of problem-solving is brilliant. Emma 
AP visit today. She was very impressed with both the curriculum and the online learning plan of Simply Homeschool. Had no problem getting 12 months approval. Linda 
Karen, I just want to say a HUGE Thank you for all the years of doing your "Writing with Colour" with our girls and for your wonderful website. Our eldest has gone back to school.  This weekend she completed her first  Assignment and she did an amazing job!!!! I highly recommend your courses! I'm so impressed that I'm thinking about doing one of them myself (maybe classic poetry!) This is soooo out of character for me to want to do any written work but I enjoyed helping my daughter and also watching her shine through out the process. Thank you Thank you thank you! Alison
We are really enjoying the curriculum and how flexible itis in adding more learning whenever we want. It's a bit like unschooling with more structure. Ashleigh-Rose 
My kids are so in love with Simply Homeschool! Ana
We are loving Simply Homeschool and the Facebook videos are excellent! I love that we get to see and speak with you too. It feels friendly. I honestly don't know what you could improve really! Jenna

 Very exciting-it's a practical & significant blessing to me to be part of simply homeschool-I'm SO glad I didn't jump the gun & buy a different package last year!! Bless you! Kylie 

 I feel like I'm learning so much about English & History - I love the lessons and the variety of things that come up.  Jolene