Homeschooling In Australia and Registration

Homeschooling In Australia and How To Register



One of the most common questions I am asked is "can I homeschool my child in Australia". After a resounding "yes" there are often more questions about why parents homeschool, what is homeschool, how to register and can I actually do this. Some of these questions are answered in our page "Why Homeschool?" or FAQ but we will look further into registering your child for homeschool in Australia below.


Is Homeschool Legal?

Homeschool is legal in every state/territory in Australia. In general, the requirements are:

  1. The parent who will provide the education:
    1. Submits an application to their state Homeschool office
    2. Submits a plan outlining the education to be provided to show they are meeting the subject and/or syllabus requirements for their state. In some states NSW, ACT and WA this plan is shown during an interview.
  2. Children between the ages of 6-17 must be registered 
  3. In some states, there is a meeting between the parent and a representative of the registration body. 
  4. In most states, there is a periodic review of your child’s progress and ongoing plans.


State and Territory Requirements for Homeschool

Each state has its own guidelines and requirements for registration.

New South Wales

Requirements for the below states will be published during January 2020




Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

South Australia

Western Australia


Simply Homeschool provides free support to parents to create a Family Learning Plan for your child. Simply Homeschool Members also have the option to purchase an individualised Registration Document to submit with your application/for your interview.


Where can I find other homeschoolers?

Friendship matters for your kids and it matters for you. Many homeschool children and parents find friendships through:

  • Local homeschool groups, co-ops and meet ups
  • Online groups (Social Media)
  • Local community activities

Simply Homeschool has our very own Community Group for friendships and support available to both Trial and Paid Members. Create your Free Trial now to take advantage of our supportive and encouraging community.