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Real Life and Good Books Complete Curriculum K-10 Flexible, Integrated, Individualised Learning Plans Family Friendly

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What People Are Saying

"We love everything about Simply Homeschool! The programs are hands-on, interesting, fun, integrate learning areas, easy to use for multiple age groups and based around great literature. And it’s very affordable. Simply Homeschool has made planning so much easier for me and reduced my workload and burn-out to nil! The Simply Homeschool team are so approachable and helpful. Thanks so much, Karen and your awesome team!" 

 - Annette



Adjust your learning plan as you go to suit your family

Integrated with real life and the things you love

Syllabus linked to Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus and WA Curriculum

Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Activities, resources and lessons to suit multiple ages and learning needs

Activities are not screen based - interact, create and learn together

Design your own learning plan based on your child's interests and needs

Community and support

Community and Support

Shared learning and support with other Simply Homeschool members

Support available by phone or email for any questions

Registration assistance

What Is Simply Homeschool?

Simply Homeschool is a smorgasbord of lessons and programs. We've done all of the planning for you. We support you to choose what you do and in what order. We've linked all programs to the Syllabus so you know you have everything covered.