Do I Need a Homeschool Curriculum?

Simply Homeschool / 26 March 2024

Whether you’re new to homeschool, considering homeschool or a veteran, at some point, we all ask the question, “Do I need a homeschool curriculum?”. The short answer: ‘No’, ‘Yes’, and ‘Maybe!’ Read on!

Simply Homeschool Big Lap!

Simply Homeschool / 18 January 2024

Australia - the land of endless coastlines, lush rainforests, expansive deserts, and iconic cities. Join us in 2026 as we hit the road for the Simply Homeschool Big Lap - a travelling community camp heading all the way around Australia! 

2024 Camps Announcement!

Simply Homeschool / 30 October 2023

We promised our 2024 camps would be announced by the end of October... and here they are! We have some amazing adventures in store for you next year. 

Simply Homeschool 2024 Yearly Planner

Simply Homeschool / 28 August 2023

The Simply Homeschool Yearly Planner is a beautiful, practical planner to help you organise your homeschool day, week, term and year.

Term 4 Online Classes

Simply Homeschool / 17 August 2023

Our next round of online classes is open for registration!

Room on Our Rock - NEW RELEASE!

Simply Homeschool / 13 August 2023

Have you ever been somewhere you felt you did not belong? Have you ever been somewhere you were made to feel included and welcomed?

Ox, House, Stick - UPDATED RELEASE!

Simply Homeschool / 13 August 2023

Can you communicate without making a sound? What did the camel and stick have to do with the letter C and G? How do you write in pictures?


Simply Homeschool / 10 July 2023

Make a delicious lunch of fried rice! Learn how to adapt a recipe for dietary requirements and preferences! And of course, don't forget to clean the kitchen!!

Term 3 Online Classes

Simply Homeschool / 29 June 2023

Take an artistic adventure into lush rainforests, explore the beauty of poetry, grow your emotional intelligence, become a paper plane expert, travel the country, experiment with rockets, unravel the mysteries of money and join us for an absolute feast! Term 3 Online Classes are OPEN NOW!

Canberra Camp now open to ages 8+

Simply Homeschool / 26 June 2023

LIGHTS, CANBERRA, ACTION!! You asked, and we listened - our Canberra Creative Arts Camp is now open to ages 8+ with a workshop stream all of their own!

June Core Program Release

Simply Homeschool / 18 June 2023

Did you catch our June Core Program Release last week? If not, you are in for a treat! We have been working hard on an exciting new range of cores for you and your family to enjoy. And the best part? These are available to add to your Family Learning Plan right now!

Canberra Camp chat with playwright Rachel!

Simply Homeschool / 15 April 2023

Our Canberra Creative Arts Teen Camp is coming up in August, and we caught up with Legacies playwright and core program author Rachel Pengilly to chat about plans for this exciting adventure in the nation's capital!

Coffs Harbour Marine Biology

Simply Homeschool / 29 March 2023

Are you ready for an adventure? Join us at this amazing marine biology camp in beautiful Coffs Harbour!

Pi(e) Day!

Simply Homeschool / 9 March 2023

Did Someone Say Pie?!? March 14th is Pi Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time together baking a delicious treat and playing with maths. 

Easter mini-core!

Simply Homeschool / 9 March 2023

Visit ancient Jerusalem to understand the significance of the historic events leading up to Easter in this ten-lesson core program.


Simply Homeschool / 3 March 2023

Lean into cooler days with our new core, Seasons - Autumn. This family core is the third in our popular Seasons series.

Term 2 Online Classes!

Simply Homeschool / 2 March 2023

Our next round of online classes are now open for registration!

Canberra Creative Arts Teens Camp

Simply Homeschool / 20 February 2023

Lights, camera, action! Calling all budding actors and artists! Take a leap into the spotlight at our Canberra camp.

Sunshine Coast camp!

Simply Homeschool / 17 February 2023

Join us on Bribie Island for sunshine, STEM and water sports at this fun-filled camp!

How Much Does it Cost to Homeschool?

Lisa Flanagan / 29 January 2023

When I first started my homeschool research one of the biggest questions I had was “How much will it all cost?”.  Three years later, I am thrilled to share that homeschooling blew my budgeting socks right off! 

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Planning

Simply Homeschool / 11 January 2023

Let’s talk about homeschool planning. Some of us love it – crack open a fresh new planner and give me a beautiful pen. Let me at it!!  Others? Well, not so much; too restrictive and time consuming, right? Not to mention the stress of not keeping up with the plans! Besides, we always end up changing what we do anyway.... 

Have I Done Enough?

Donna Stewart / 21 December 2022

Do you ever get to the end of the year and think, ‘Have I done enough homeschooling this year? Have my children learned anything at all?’ Or maybe, like me, you get to the end of the week and ask the same questions! This panic is not reserved for those new to homeschooling, but for many long-term homeschoolers as well.

A Year of Simply Homeschool Camps!!

Simply Homeschool / 27 November 2022

At Simply Homeschool camps, you will meet other homeschool families, build relationships, spend time with your kids, and share in the joy and wonder of real-life learning opportunities! This year, you can travel back in time to the Ballarat gold rush, venture under the sea and over the land in Busselton, try your hand at STEM and water sports on the Sunshine Coast, get creative in Canberra and explore marine biology and environmental art in Coffs Harbour!