Stars and Safari Roadtrip

Stars and Safari: a Simply Homeschool Roadtrip 2024

Sunday 20 October - Friday 1 November 2024

Let's hit the road for a 13-day travelling Simply Homeschool camp!  Come travel with us to explore Central West NSW with three fabulous locations and nearly two weeks of adventure. Pack your tent, stock up your van, or book into cabins - your choice!

3 Accommodation Locations:

Parkes (20 - 23 October 2024): Spicer Caravan Park, 37A Albert St Parkes 

Dubbo (23 - 28 October 2024): NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park, 18 Alfred Street, Dubbo 

Coonabarabran (28 October - 1 November 2024):

  • Camping in the Dark Sky Park: Camp Blackman, 4263 John Renshaw Parkway, Warrumbungle National Park.
  • Cabins: Warrumbungles Mountain Motel, 882 Timor Road, Coonabarabran.
Coffs Harbour Camp Caravan Park
Coffs Harbour Camp Dolphin Show
Coffs Harbour Camp Seal

Welcome to Parkes, Dubbo and Coonabarabran

First Stop - Parkes! Reach for the sky as you take the pilot’s seat at HARS Parkes Aviation Museum and explore an icon of Australian science at The Dish – one of the largest single-dish radio telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Stop Two - Dubbo! Jump on board for an unforgettable safari experience with two days at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Observe vets in action as we tour a wildlife hospital, and say hello to an emu or two at a family-run farm.  

Then drive the world's largest Virtual Solar System as we head to Coonabarabran.

Finale - The Warrumbungles! Camp in Australia's only Dark Sky Park under the beauty of the night sky. Trek into the Warrumbungles to explore majestic bushland and dramatic rock formations by day. Join a stargazing session and marvel at the secrets of the night sky. 

Come along for the full adventure from Parkes to Dubbo to Coonabarabran, or pick and choose your favourite stops! 


Camp Fees

The Simply Homeschool camp is a travelling camp that commences in Parkes, continues to Dubbo, and concludes in Coonabarrabran.

You have the option to:

  1. Register for the complete camp, which includes all three locations.
  2. Choose to register for any combination of the three locations.

Opting for the full camp, covering all three locations, comes with a slightly lower registration fee.

NB: If you choose to attend the full camp, you will receive a 5% discount at checkout.

NB: Member prices are first, and non-member prices are in brackets.

  Full Camp Parkes Dubbo Coona'n
1st child  $513 ($570) $115 ($135) $265 ($285) $160 ($180)
2nd child $432.25 ($489.25) $100 ($120) $220 ($240) $135 ($155)
3rd child $361 ($418) $85 ($105) $185 ($205) $110 ($130)
4th+ child $289.75 ($250) $70 ($90) $140 ($160) $95 ($115)
Additional adult $154.85 $28 $107 $28

NOTE: Children must be from the same immediate family.

Camp fees are per child, including entry to all activities and a  Camp 2024 t-shirt transfer. Children aged 0-4 are free. The first adult is not required to pay camp fees but must supervise their children at all times for all activities. Any subsequent adults registering who wish to attend external activities must pay $155 (Full Camp); $25 (Parkes); $105 (Dubbo); or $25 (Coonabarabran) each to cover costs associated with externally provided activities.

Add a Simply Homeschool t-shirt for $19.95 (child sizes) or $24.95 (adult sizes) for your Camp 2024 t-shirt transfer.

Coffs Harbour Camp Pools
Coffs Harbour Camp Lagoon Villa
Coffs Harbour Camp Plantation Villa

Accommodation Options

Parkes: Spicer Caravan Park, 37A Albert St Parkes

  • Booking dates: (20 - 23 October 2024)
  • Please contact the Motel or book online, and please remember to mention that you're part of the Simply Homeschool group.

Dubbo: NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park, 18 Alfred Street, Dubbo.

  • Booking dates: (23 - 28 October 2024)
  • Please call the holiday park directly on 1800 824 820 to book your accommodation. If you have an NRMA or other state-equivalent membership, then you receive a 10% discount.


  • Booking dates: 28 October - 1 November 2024
  • Camping: Camp Blackman, 4263 John Renshaw Parkway, Warrumbungle. 
    • Please book online through National Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Cabins: Warrumbungles Mountain Motel, 882 Timor Road, Coonabarabran.
    • Please contact the Motel or book online, and please remember to mention that you're part of the Simply Homeschool group.



Yes. We offer an option where you can pay with a number of equal instalments.

The first instalment will occur when you register. Further payments will be deducted from your credit card on 18 May and 29 June and 17 August. No payment plan is available when registration is received after 17 May 2023. For full details and terms of payment plans, please see Terms and Conditions.

For exact details of facilities provided at each location, please visit the individual websites. 

Parkes: Spicer Caravan Park, 37A Albert St Parkes

Dubbo: NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park, 18 Alfred Street, Dubbo.


The camp will be held Parkes, Dubbo and Coonabarrabran NSW. 

Parkes: Spicer Caravan Park, 37A Albert St Parkes

Dubbo: NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park, 18 Alfred Street, Dubbo.


Activities will be held at a variety of locations in each town. Further activity details will be emailed prior to camp.

This camp is for Simply Homeschool families. We welcome both Simply Homeschool members and non-members. Simply Homeschool full members will receive a discount.

This camp is designed for school-age children. Children under school age are also welcome to attend.

This is an example timetable only. The final timetable will be sent out before the camp.

Date Sun 20 Oct Mon 21 Oct Tues 22 Oct Wed 23 Oct Thur 24 Oct Fri 25 Oct Sat 26 Oct
Morning Travel   Aviation Museum Travel Dubbo Zoo   RFDS
Afternoon Camp Registration  Parkes Radio Telescope   Camp registration (new campers)   Dubbo Zoo  
Evening Social dinner - catered Movie night - The Dish   Social dinner - uncatered      
Date Sun 27 Oct Mon 28 Oct Tues 29 Oct Wed 30 Oct Thurs 31 Oct Fri 1 Nov  
Morning   Travel Milroy Observatory        
Afternoon Dubbo Gaol Camp registration (new campers)     Emu Farm Communal brekky/Pack up  
Evening   Social dinner - uncatered   Sliding Springs      

No. Each family is responsible for their own meals. On some days a packed lunch and/or dinner is advised. This will be advised within the schedule. 


No. We encourage you to participate in activities, but please feel free to relax at the campground or around the local area.

There will be activities throughout the camp that accommodate all levels of ability.

No, however, Simply Homeschool full members receive a discounted rate.

This camp is being organised by Simply Homeschool.

This camp is:

  • Fully risk-assessed.
  • Facilitated by professional, experienced guides at each attraction.

We hope you do not need to cancel your participation at the camp, however, if cancellation takes place the following terms will apply.

Cancellation of a booking by you must be made in writing. It is up to you to cancel your booking. We will not regard a booking as cancelled unless and until written notice is received by us.  

Any cancellation requests received prior to or on 45 days before camp will be provided a refund according to the schedule below 

The cancellation schedule is: 

  • Cancellation Notice received 105 days before the start of camp will receive a 90% refund 
  • Cancellation Notice received between 75 and 104 days before the start of camp will receive a 70% refund  
  • Cancellation Notice received between 45 and 74 days before the start of camp will receive a 50% refund.  
  • Cancellation Notice received less than 45 days before the start of camp will receive no refund. 

Please be aware that if you cancel once the Camp commences or you do not attend, you forfeit all fees.  

Late arrival may also result in a forfeited fee. We may reduce, transfer or waive the loss of fee for any reason at our sole discretion.  

Please see camp Terms and Conditions for further information.

This Simply Homeschool Camp is a family camp and children under 18 are not permitted to attend without a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are fully responsible for the supervision of all their children at all times.

Yes. You will be responsible for getting to and from all activities in your own transport. We will provide details of the camp schedule, maps and parking closer to the camp.

No. You can meet us at each location.