The Big Lap 2026

Simply Homeschool Big Lap 2026

January - December 2026

Australia - the land of endless coastlines, lush rainforests, expansive deserts, and iconic cities. Join us in 2026 as we hit the road for the Simply Homeschool Big Lap - a travelling community camp heading all the way around Australia! Explore the stunning beauty our magnificent country has to offer, experiencing every state and territory’s unique landscapes and wonders. Embark on the trip of a lifetime, make precious family memories and live your bucket list dreams! Australia awaits - let the adventure begin! 

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Welcome to Australia

From the dazzling white beaches of Western Australia and the lush green rainforests of tropical North Queensland to the pristine wilderness of Tasmania and the expansive and stunning landscapes of the Northern Territory, Australia is a country of boundless beauty.  

Are you called to experience an epic adventure in our wide brown land? At Simply Homeschool, we want to explore it all... and we want you to come with us! 

In 2026, the Simply Homeschool Big Lap will hit the open road and embark on a year-long journey of discovery. Big Lap families will become seasoned travellers, soaking up the wonders of Australia’s spectacular, diverse landscape, culture and history.  

Join us as we explore dense rainforest and secluded beaches, swim with clownfish amongst colourful corals and be awed by the depths of the underwater world. Journey together to the heart of Australia, learn about ancient and living cultures at Uluru and encounter the magical timelessness of the red centre. Along the way, expect to meet a myriad of friendly locals; sleepy koalas, plodding echidnas, cute wallabies, slick sea lions, playful dolphins and majestic whale sharks!  

We will traverse woodlands, forests, coastlines, and open plains in search of towering trees, remarkable rock formations and the countless other wonders that define this vast and diverse continent.  

The Big Lap is a dream for many families - now is your opportunity to take it on with a big Simply Homeschool family. As we travel the country together, our mobile homeschool community will create lasting memories, forge deep connections and nurture a love of learning that extends far beyond the classroom. Campsite camaraderie and support are a part of the package on this journey of a lifetime! 

Not ready for a Big Lap? Join us for a short stint.

Not ready to travel? We'll come visit you!