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Welcome to our smorgasbord of Core Programs! As a Simply Homeschool member, you have access to our ever-growing library – a curated collection of unit studies that cater to every curiosity, age and learning style.

Our Core Programs are packed with activities to inspire learning. Most Core Programs are based on a book and some also offer an optional kit with specialised resources.

To get started, choose a Core Program, purchase the book (or borrow from your library), gather your resources and embark on your next learning journey!

You can choose to complete an entire Core or dip in and out of activities that best suit your learner’s individual needs and interests.

Below is our library of Core Programs. Click on an image to read more about each program.

Not quite ready to dive straight in? With our free trial, you can have a taste of what Simply Homeschool has to offer.

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100 Things to Know About Planet Earth - Part 1
100 Things to Know About Planet Earth - Part 2
100 Things to Know About Planet Earth - Part 3 (New Release)
100 Things to Know About Space
100 Things to Know About the Human Body
100 Things To Know About The Oceans
A is for Australia (Updated)
A Life Like Mine
A Sea of Words
A Year On Our Farm
Aesop's Fables 1 - Introduction to Write in Colour
Aesop's Fables 2 - 40 English Lessons
All About Numbers
Ancient World History
ANZAC Day -  A Day to Remember
Attainable Sustainable - GROW (New Release)
Attainable Sustainable - MAKE (New Release)
Australian Backyard Explorer
Australians All 01 - The Law of the Land
Australians All 02 - A World Away
Australians All 03 - Aliens (New Release)
Australians All 05 - A Wealth of People
Big City Atlas Part 1- Introduction to World Geography, Africa & Middle East
Big City Atlas Part 2 - Asia and Oceania
Charlotte's Web
Children Just Like Me
Classic Poetry
Coral Sea Dreaming
Creative Phonics 1.1
Creative Phonics 1.2
Creative Phonics 1.3
Creative Phonics 2.1 Bush Tracks
Creative Phonics 2.2 Diary of a Wombat
Creative Phonics 2.3 Possum Magic
Creative Phonics 3.1 Fire
Creative Phonics 3.2 Flood
Creative Spelling Level 1
Creative Spelling Level 2
Creative Spelling Level 3
Design a Game (New Release)
Eric Carle’s Animals Animals
Excellent Engineering
Fair Dinkum Histories 1 -  Shipwreck, Sailors & 60,000 Years Before 1788
FLY Financially Literate Youth Part 1- Earning Money (New Release)
FLY Financially Literate Youth Part 2- Budgeting (New Release)
FLY Financially Literate Youth Part 3 - Your Credit Record (New Release)
Food Tech and Everything!
Going Bush
Gumtree Gully
How to be a Coder
I Can Swim a Rainbow
I Love Dirt (Updated)
Illustrated Nursery Rhymes
In My Heart
Into the Woods
Introduction to Australian Government
Introduction to Shakespeare
Introduction to the Middle Ages
Katie and the Sunflowers
Lessons of a LAC
Let's Camp!
Life of Jesus for Minecrafters
Life Skills
Literature Pockets Aesop's Fables
Literature Pockets Folktales and Fairy Tales
Literature Pockets Nursery Rhymes
Make Science Fun
Make Science Fun Experiments (Updated)
Maths for Kindergarten
Maths for Year 1
Maths for Year 2
Maths for Year 3
Maths for Year 4
Maths for Year 5
Maths for Year 6
My Place (New Release)
My Side of the Mountain (Updated)
My World My Story
Narnia Book 1 The Magician's Nephew
Ox, House, Stick (Updated)
Paper Planes
Room on our Rock
Seasons - Autumn
Seasons - Spring
Seasons - Summer
Seasons - Winter
Shakespeare's Comedies (New Release)
Slam Your Poetry
Start Here - Welcome to Simply Homeschool
The Beginner's Bible Devotions
The Book Thief
The Flyaway Highway
The Little Yellow Digger
The Mysterious Howling
The Number Detective
The Periodic Table
The Return of the Word Spy
The Story of Clocks and Calendars
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Waterhole (Updated)
The Word Spy (Updated)
To Kill a Mockingbird
Walking with the Seasons in Kakadu
War Horse
We All Went on Safari (New Release)
Wild Wonder (New Release)