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What Style of Homeschool is Simply Homeschool?

Simply Homeschool is eclectic, meaning we have taken aspects of all the different styles of home education and developed our own style. Our team, in total, has 140 years of homeschooling experience and counting! Between us, we have homeschooled 50 kids! We have written the lessons in Simply Homeschool based on the books we love, using the activities and learning opportunities we have engaged in. We then offer this to you so you can begin homeschooling with over a century of homeschooling experience behind you.

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Below is our recipe for Simply Homeschool:

1. Begin with a homeful of Unschooling

You love your child and know your child better than anyone else. When they were small, you didn’t need a syllabus document and outcomes list to teach your toddler what they needed to know about life. And you’ve still got this parent intuition. It’s the same parent intuition that you will use to teach your teen to drive your car!

We’ve cooked up a smorgasbord feast of core programs so you can facilitate and navigate your own learning journey to suit your child’s interests and needs. We’ve done all the work so you can begin with confidence and enjoy the journey. Simply Homeschool provides you with the tools to create just the right amount of structure for your family. We support you to homeschool in your sweet spot. We provide step by step instructions to diligently cover the basics. We include phonetics-based reading lessons, our own Write in Colour grammar program, essay writing and systematic maths instruction.

We link all our core programs to the syllabus so you can be sure you’ve got everything covered, and then we splash it into your real life in a refreshing and holistic way.

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2. Delve into a generous serving of Unit Studies

Our core programs offer you a wide range of topics based on engaging books. Select your flavours. Stir gently to mix through the entire curriculum. Dig deeply into the history and culture of time through The Story of Clocks and Calendars. Explore the Great Barrier Reef with A Sea of Words and Coral Sea Dreaming. Trace the journey of our country's explorers in Australian Backyard Explorer. Discover the hidden mysteries of ancient languages in Ox, House, Stick. Make and play with slime using The Periodic Table. Study months, days and seasons through A Year on Our Farm.

Our unit studies integrate multiple key learning areas and build engagement through fun activities. Make a board game, grow a garden, build a model atmosphere, cook cultural meals... these and hundreds of other activities are integrated into our core programs.

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3. Engage in a liberal delivery of Charlotte Mason

We divide our lessons into short sessions so your child can engage deeply in learning with a lesson length that suits their ability to focus. Our lapbooks, as our main record of learning, are Charlotte Mason-inspired. Our books are good books, carefully chosen.

We select plenty of biographies, with some classics and 'living books'. (We include many infographics books as well, because these are readable and engaging for many children with learning challenges such as ASD and dyslexia - but these are not in the Charlotte Mason arena).

We recommend audiobooks so you can provide your child with generous literature opportunities, even if they are resistant readers. We include many opportunities for observation plus nature walks and nature journaling. We offer a wide selection of core programs so you can choose your preferences including options for biblical homeschooling, which is typically Charlotte Mason. 

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4. Sprinkle a handful of Classical Education

Our Write in Colour grammar program is a systematic study of grammar with its roots in classical education. Many of our core programs integrate Write in Colour grammar for your students to learn and strengthen their writing skills in many varied contexts.

Our focus on open-ended questions and robust discussion through many core programs has roots in classical education.

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5. Construct a little Montessori style scaffolding

Simply Homeschool is deliberately written to cater well for neurodiverse children. We create core programs for multi-aged learning and support each parent to deliver an individualised Learning Plan for your family. We include lots of hands-on learning activities and our core programs provide for the flexibility integral to the Montessori method.

We empower you and your children to set the pace so you can take it slowly, or accelerate according to your child’s needs. We write our curriculum to allow you a generous serving of unstructured time and free play.

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6. Integrate a selection of Waldorf-inspired ideas

We want to inspire kids to explore the world in a multisensory manner. We assess our children according to the skills they learn and the progress they make without applying formal grades or assessments. You, as the parent, choose the activities and lessons that your child will do in each day, according to their needs and interests.

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7. Roadschooling

  1. Apply all of the above in the context of RoadSchooling using our PDF Download option (available with 12 month membership) and take your learning offline.
  2. Integrate our core programs (such as A is for Australia) into your travels in a flexible, achievable way!

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Serves - your whole family

Preparation time: very little!

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