Life Skills

Life Skills - Objectives and Outcomes

Years 7-10

Below are links to PDF downloads for Secondary Life Skills Objectives and Outcomes (Years 7-10) from NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

How to Use these Charts

  • You will need to include all Objectives or some selected Outcomes for English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and 2 more subjects of your choice (Electives)
  • Objectives/Outcomes may be demonstrated independently or with support
  • Your child does not need to achieve outcomes for you to continue to homeschool.  You are required to provide opportunities for them to develop skills. (See Section 74B of the Education Act)
  • Simply Homeschool currently provides curriculum for years K-10. Similar Objectives/Outcomes information is available for years 11-12 on the NESA Website.

Using Objectives

  • Objectives are more generalised and similar to Stage Statements.
  • Use only the first column if you find the rest of the table overwhelming.
  • Copy and paste the first column for your chosen subjects into your Registration Document.
  • You must use English, Maths, Science, History & Geography
  • Add 2 more electives of your choice. We have included some subjects. There are other subjects available on the NESA website

Using Outcomes

  • Specific Life Skills Outcomes can be selected on the basis that they meet the particular needs, goals and priorities of each student.
  • Students are not required to complete all outcomes. Select only the particular outcomes your child is working towards in the next 12 months.
  • It is not necessary to display or tick progress with the level of detail we have shown here. You can copy and paste the selected Outcomes into your Registration Document without the tickboxes.
  • You may find the detail of the Tick Boxes helpful if a small step of independence, competence, confidence or generalisation is significant for you and your child. You don't need to tick them just to make the AP (Authorised Person) happy!


Download the below PDFs to access the Objectives and Outcomes for each subject.