100 Things to Know About the Oceans

Simply Homeschool / 26 April 2022

Are you ready to deep dive into the wonders of the water world? Explore marine biology, sustainability and design principles through our extraordinary oceans.

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember

Simply Homeschool / 24 March 2022

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember is a mini-core designed for use in the month leading up to April 25.

Australians All 01 - The Law of the Land

Simply Homeschool / 28 January 2022

Are you too old for stories? Never! Lean in close… Take a journey through history as you explore the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the Law of the Land.

Going Bush

Simply Homeschool / 25 November 2021

Are you ready to Go Bush? Invite your friends or family, collect your maps...


Karen Willson / 23 March 2021

Are you ready for Write in Colour Level 2, Cursive Handwriting and Integrated Art Lessons?

The Space Core has Landed!

Karen Willson / 17 February 2021

WARNING! This Core Program is a learning experience of astronomical proportions!

In My Heart

Karen Willson / 3 February 2021

Are you looking for a Core to assist your kids to build emotional regulation skills?

High School Science for Homeschoolers

Fiona Morphett / 14 December 2020

Have you noticed how many kids seem wired for science from a young age? But by the time they reach their high school years, that natural enthusiasm is often replaced by moaning and groaning and dramatic eye rolling.

In My Heart

Karen Willson /

"My heart is like a house, with all these feelings living inside."