100 Things to Know About the Oceans

Simply Homeschool / 26 April 2022

Are you ready to deep dive into the wonders of the water world? Explore marine biology, sustainability and design principles through our extraordinary oceans.

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember

Simply Homeschool / 24 March 2022

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember is a mini-core designed for use in the month leading up to April 25.

Travel and Homeschool - A Simply Homeschool Review

Lisa Flanagan / 16 November 2021

Travelling or planning to with kids? There is a good chance one of your biggest questions is “What about school?” After 5 months on the road home schooling 4 of my 5 kids (ages 4 to 14yrs) I share my tips, tricks and how using Simply Homeschool works for us as a travelling family.


Karen Willson / 23 March 2021

Are you ready for Write in Colour Level 2, Cursive Handwriting and Integrated Art Lessons?

The Space Core has Landed!

Karen Willson / 17 February 2021

WARNING! This Core Program is a learning experience of astronomical proportions!

High School Science for Homeschoolers

Fiona Morphett / 14 December 2020

Have you noticed how many kids seem wired for science from a young age? But by the time they reach their high school years, that natural enthusiasm is often replaced by moaning and groaning and dramatic eye rolling.

5 Ways to get your Homeschooled Student into University or TAFE

Donna Stewart / 31 August 2020

Can homeschooled children get into University of TAFE? It is a very popular question and one that concerns a lot of homeschooling parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, even the local shop assistant - everyone wants to know, ‘What about University?’