Do I Need a Homeschool Curriculum?

Simply Homeschool / 26 March 2024

Whether you’re new to homeschool, considering homeschool or a veteran, at some point, we all ask the question, “Do I need a homeschool curriculum?”. The short answer: ‘No’, ‘Yes’, and ‘Maybe!’ Read on!

How Much Does it Cost to Homeschool?

Lisa Flanagan / 29 January 2023

When I first started my homeschool research one of the biggest questions I had was “How much will it all cost?”.  Three years later, I am thrilled to share that homeschooling blew my budgeting socks right off! 

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Planning

Simply Homeschool / 11 January 2023

Let’s talk about homeschool planning. Some of us love it – crack open a fresh new planner and give me a beautiful pen. Let me at it!!  Others? Well, not so much; too restrictive and time consuming, right? Not to mention the stress of not keeping up with the plans! Besides, we always end up changing what we do anyway.... 

Travel and Homeschool - A Simply Homeschool Review

Lisa Flanagan / 16 November 2021

Travelling or planning to with kids? There is a good chance one of your biggest questions is “What about school?” After 5 months on the road home schooling 4 of my 5 kids (ages 4 to 14yrs) I share my tips, tricks and how using Simply Homeschool works for us as a travelling family.