Coral Sea Dreaming

Purchase Coral Sea Dreaming from Kim Toft's website: Also available in some local libraries. When daylight fades and the night shift clocks on, an underwater symphony begins. Polyps start popping to a funky sea groove, sea slugs shimmy and alien angels fly into view, The reef at night is teaming with energy and wildlife, all working together to create an underwater masterpiece. Kim Michelle Toft brings an array of extraordinary reef creatures to life through her vivid hand-painted silk illustrations and catchy rhythmic prose, highlighting the urgency of the preservation of the world's critically endangered reef habitats.

Author: Kim Michelle Toft

ISBN: 9780994238849

Subjects: English Science Humanities and Social Sciences The Arts

Read Aloud: 3-5 5-7 8-11

Read Independent: 5-7 8-11 12-14 15+


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