Into the Woods

Taking inspiration from numerous fairy tales and weaving them into a wholly original story, Into the Woods is a whirlwind of a novel, full of imaginative happenings and dastardly deeds. Storm, Aurora, and Anything Eden live in a decaying mansion on the edge of the wilds with their erstwhile father and indolent mother. When an accident leaves them orphaned and at the mercy of the sinister Dr. DeWilde, these three courageous and eccentric sisters are forced to flee into the woods, where they encounter kidnappers, sweets-filled orphanages, mountains of ice, diamond mines, and some ravenously hungry wolves. This twisty-turny, not-quite fairy tale that is sure to please!

Author: Lyn Gardner

ISBN: 9780440422235

Subjects: English

Read Aloud: 8-11

Read Independent: 8-11 12-14 15+


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