The Flyaway Highway

When Egbert Tomkins sneaks into Murial Jane Jones’s garden to steal berries, the last thing he expects to stumble upon is the faun, Silvander Dan. Or to be whisked away on ‘The Flyaway Highway’ to a wonderful land where crazy adventures are common-place. Travelling on the Flyaway Highway, the pair find themselves embroiled in various unexpected exploits including ‘The Adventure of the Knightly Deed of High Enterprise’, ‘The Adventure of the Scream in the Night’, even ‘The Adventure of the Place where there are no Adventures’, a strange place indeed! Most perilously of all they become suspects in ‘The Heretic Murder Mystery Adventure’, but on the Flyaway Highway this isn’t so bad because anyone suspected of evil deeds at the beginning of a story must be innocent. The Flyaway Highway is an Australian children’s literature classic, written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay, author of the beloved The Magic Pudding.

Author: Norman Lindsay

ISBN: 9780648063346

Subjects: English

Read Aloud: 12-14 15+

Read Independent: 12-14 15+


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