Introduction to Print Making Online Class Kit **Limited stock**

This hands-on kit contains resources for use with the Introduction to Print Maing Online Class. NB: This kit does not contain items for the class that are easily found at home, the supermarket, or are too big/expensive to include.

This kit is not compulsory to purchase, however, all the items in the kit will need to be purchased individually if you do not already have them in your home.

By all means, if your house is well stocked with most of these items and you have time to collect everything, you are most welcome to do this yourself. We recommend you do this in advance and collect everything into a box so that you have the items when you need them. Some items take a few weeks to arrive from the suppliers. For those of you who know, like me, that the projects will never happen unless I purchase the kit, we've done the work for you and here it is! Our aim is to save you time so that you can enjoy these projects with your kids.

This kit contains:

  • Hard lino x 2 – 1 x 15x10cm and 1 x 15x20cm
  • Soft lino x 3 - 11x11cm
  • Yellow paint - 75ml
  • Black paint - 75ml
  • Ink roller
  • Carving tool set
  • Calico bag
  • Tea towel
  • Acrylic paint set - 14 colours

If you have multiple children, you may also like to purchase the additional child kit.


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