Homeschooling is legal in QLD. Children aged 6.5-16 must be registered with the Home Education Unit (HEU). Children can be registered from 5.5 years of age and can remain registered until 31 December of the year they turn 17.

Within QLD, parents of children registered for home education who are age equivalent to Years 7 to 12 are eligible for the annual Textbook and Resource Allowance if it was not previously paid to a school due to a child's earlier enrolment in the year.

How to apply for Home Education Registration in QLD

1. Complete the online application form on the HEU website. (Home Education Unit Queensland). Complete a separate application form for each child.

    1. The parent name on the application must be the same as the parent name on the child’s birth certificate unless you have documentation to prove your change of name.
    2. You will need to develop and include a summary of the educational program for each child:
      1. OPTION 1 – If you have this plan ready, upload the plan to your application.
      2. OPTION 2 – If you don’t have this plan ready, download this document and upload it into your application where the Educational Plan should be (this document just says "I am currently finalising my Education Plan and will provide this within 28 days as required")

2. Submit your application to the HEU. Provide your Educational Plan within 28 days (if you didn't already include this in your application).

3. ON THE SAME DAY – Email your child’s school to officially withdraw them.

    1. Notify the principal that your child will now be homeschooled.
      1. You do not need their permission.
      2. You do not need to provide them with proof of registration with the HEU.
      3. You do not need to show them your plan.
      4. You may begin homeschool on this day.

How to Prepare your Educational Plan

We can do it for you...

Simply Homeschool offers support to write your Education Plan. This Registration Document can be purchased by members in our Resource Shop. You can join now if you would like to explore this option.

Alternatively, you can create your own Educational Plan...

Develop and provide a summary of the Educational Program for your child for the next 12 months. The initial ideas for planning your child's home education program will come from your own observations of your child and the goals you have for them.

The Home Education Unit (HEU) encourages you to choose your own approach or style and to tailor your teaching style to the individual needs of your child. Simply Homeschool Cores are a perfect fit for this approach. Time invested in developing a summary of the educational program will help you to address the registration requirements and importantly, provide you with direction for the learning year ahead.

HEU offers general information about planning a program and provides templates and completed examples for reference. Choose the format for your plan from the HEU templates. The use of these templates is not mandatory and you may choose to develop your own format. The templates have a similar beginning around the setting of goals and then move into a different style of presentation.

We find the Thematic Program Template fits most easily with your Simply Homeschool Learning Plan. The goal directed template is also a good option.  You can download these here:

Thematic Program Template | Thematic Program Example

Goal-directed Program Template | Goal-directed Program Example

If you choose the Thematic Template, we find it works well to use each Simply Homeschool core that you have chosen as a thematic unit study, then fill out the details requested by the form for each core. You are welcome to copy and paste information from Your Family Learning Plan into the templates. The Thematic Program Template works well for this.

If you are using other resources outside of Simply Homeschool, choose unit studies that will interest your child, and plan learning activities that will fulfil curriculum requirements. The learning activities that you plan can include documentaries, online research, writing tasks, visits to museums, shows and other cultural activities.

An annual written report on your child's educational progress is a standard condition of registration that must be submitted between the 9th and 10th month of registration. You will need to present a handful of your child's work samples showing progress.

Additional Notes

There is a temporary application for registration for home education for use during the Covid-19 pandemic. The requirement to have documents certified has been waived during this period. You can download the form from the HEU website.

If you prefer to submit a print version of the application, download the form from the HEU website, and post it in, however this option could take longer to process.

IF YOU NEED TO REMOVE YOUR CHILD FROM SCHOOL URGENTLY you can apply for provisional registration under section 207 of the Act.  You will be granted an immediate 60-day period of registration only, at the conclusion of which your child will cease to be registered for homeschooling. If you wish to continue homeschooling after the 60-day period, you will still need to follow the registration process outlined above.

This option will mean two applications, but it also means that you can remove your child from school before your education plan is ready. Please contact us at info@simplyhomeschool.com.au if you require more information about this option.