Frequently Asked Questions

How much it costs to homeschool depends entirely on your budget. Over the past 20 years, we have had terms that we've spent almost nothing and other terms I've splurged.

I'm a single mum - and so I know the importance of affordable schooling, so we work hard to provide you with everything you need to homeschool well on the smallest possible budget.

  1. A Simply Homeschool Membership offers fantastic value for money as you have access to all of the curriculum for all of the members of your family. This means that you are able to use the one family membership for all of your children and to cater for each of their interests, learning style or needs.
  2. Our Core Programs are based on books. You choose when and where to purchase these books depending on your budget and needs. Many of these books can be borrowed from your local library or can be sourced within our Buy, Swap, Sell Community.
  3. We choose all our books very carefully. We intend that every book in Core Programs and Just Good Books is good value for money. If a book is more expensive, we think it's worth it. Please let us know if you don't agree. Prices change over time and we'll check the current price.
  4. We offer various payment options to fit most budgets. Our pay by the month allows you to try before you commit for the year. Our 12-month membership offers great savings.

Many homeschooled kids go on to university. All of my three older children have gone on to tertiary education without ever going to school. There are various pathways that make this possible. Some of the main options are:

  1. TAFE - A Tafe Cert 4 gives you access into a variety of University courses. This is possibly the most popular way for homeschoolers to go on to University. One of the main advantages of this pathway is that a Cert 4 provides students with a qualification in something before beginning University. This means they are often able to work in a skilled job part-time while they study. It also means they can try a particular field before they begin their degree. Students might choose a TAFE course connected to their main field of interest, such as a Cert 4 in Mental Health before studying Nursing or Psychology. Alternatively, a student might choose another interest for variety, such as studying a Cert 4 in Fitness before studying a Media Degree. 
  2. University Bridging Course - Some Universities offer bridging courses that provide an ATAR for students to go on to University. The advantages of these courses is the University-like structure and the focused nature of the courses. The course might include Academic Essay Writing as a compulsory subject. Students can study a bridging course at a local university and then apply for the University of their choice based on their ATAR.
  3. Open University - Open University offers online courses with no prerequisites. Students need to gain a certain level of achievement in a number of courses and these can then provide entry into the University and course of your choice. This is often a pathway used by gifted students who are ready to study at University level in early high school. You can use these courses as part of your homeschool study. They may also provide credit for the course of your choice.
  4. Return to School - Some students choose to return to (or begin school) for the last few years of high school. In my experience, these students have done very well as they are focussed and intentional.

With all these pathways, check the details carefully as regulations vary in each state and for each University and Course.

We know sometimes life is tough. Families face all types of complex challenges that can make homeschool valuable, necessary and daunting all at the same time. We know. Between our staff, we've experienced many significant challenges, and we're here to support you and help you make a plan to do this. 

So take a deep breath. Take one step at a time. We're here to help.

Once you have a Trial Membership, we invite you to join our Simply Homeschool Community Group.

We can step you through the registration process for your state and help you create a Learning Plan to get started.

Many of our staff are trained teachers and also trained in neurodiversity. We write our Core programs to cater for kids with a wide variety of learning needs and interests. There are a few very special things to help you out:

  1. You know your child. We have created a smorgasbord of learning for you to choose what to put onto your child's plate. If you need help to create a tailored Learning Plan for your child, please email us and make an appointment.
  2. We know parenting and homeschooling tough times is exhausting. We've done all the work to make this as easy as possible for you.
  3. If life is really tough, we encourage you to purchase a ticket to the Homeschool Summit 2019 in our Resource Shop and watch Karen's video on Homeschooling Tough Times.
  4. Our Core Programs are designed to cater for children with learning needs that are at a different level to their age. For example, a Core Program in the 5-7 and 8-11 age bracket works well for an 11-year-old who struggles to read and write. A Core Program in the 8-11 and 12-14 age brackets works well for a gifted 9 year old.
  5. You set the pace - you are never behind. Each day, you just keep moving forward with your child, at their pace. Watch Creating a Daily Timetable to Cover the Syllabus to see how this works. 

If your child or your family needs extra support, please let us know.

Yes. We provide Registration Support. Members are able to purchase a Registration Document for $120 in our Resource Shop. We help over 100 children register from all states of Australia every year.

Follow these 10 steps for Registration:

  1. Choose your subscription type in ‘My Subscription’ for full access to Simply Homeschool
  2. Watch Navigating Simply Homeschool
  3. Watch Creating a Daily Timetable to Cover the Syllabus
  4. Join our Facebook Community Group
  5. Set up a Family Learning Plan for your child in Simply Homeschool. This video will assist you to do this:
  6. Purchase your Registration Document by logging in and going to "Registration" in the left-hand menu (or write your own Learning Plan then jump to Step 8)
  7. Open, complete and submit your Registration Document Form available in the "Registration" menu. 
  8. Purchase your books using the purchase link in the Core Program and Just Good Books
  9. When you receive your completed Registration Document from us, please read through it carefully before submitting your application for Registration in your State.
  10. Let us know how you go!