100 Things to Know About the Oceans

Simply Homeschool / 26 April 2022

Are you ready to deep dive into the wonders of the water world? Explore marine biology, sustainability and design principles through our extraordinary oceans. Make your own fizzing iceberg! Create a melted ice cream masterpiece! Snack on seaweed and bring a pirate to life! Build a ship of the future! You’ll discover the world’s biggest eyeball, skateboard a tsunami, learn flag semaphore, and cause a jelly earthquake. You’ll meet sulphur-guzzling tube worms, Caribbean mermaids, and the unicorns of the sea! But with global warming, pollution, and overfishing, our oceans are facing some of the biggest threats in human history. They need your help… can you save our oceans? Slip on your snorkel and flippers, and set out to be a sea-faring superhero!

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