Canberra Creative Arts Teens Camp

Simply Homeschool / 20 February 2023


Lights, camera, action!

Calling all budding actors and artists! If you dream of drama, take a leap into the spotlight at the Canberra Creative Arts Teens Camp.

Tour a theatre and meet the cast and crew of a new Australian play, Legacies, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes access pass.

Learn how to write music for the stage with an acclaimed composer. Explore the world of physical theatre. Taste what it is to be a professional actor!

Famous to notorious, remarkable to glorious - check out some of the people and artists who have shaped our national identity on a visual arts tour through the National Portrait Gallery.

Experience art and science from a different perspective in the Hotshop at the Canberra Glassworks. Uncover the science of glass in action as you watch artists demonstrate the art of glass blowing.

Bookings and info here.

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