Ox, House, Stick - UPDATED RELEASE!

Simply Homeschool / 13 August 2023


Can you communicate without making a sound? What did the camel and stick have to do with the letter C and G? How do you write in pictures?

Explore the origins of our alphabet in this enthralling journey through language!

Ox, House, Stick can be used to introduce the Alphabet for young children and to explore ancient languages for older children.

Create a rebus puzzle! Crack ancient codes! Use a cuneiform chart and make a clay tablet!

Learn about growth mindset and problem-solving. Look for signs and symbols in the community. Experiment with mirror writing. Build a fence using only the Classical Greek H and paddle pop sticks!

You’ll make papyrus, use crushed herbs and berries to make natural ink and write your name in hieroglyphs in this fascinating core program.

This fabulous UPDATED core is available to add to your Family Learning Plan now!

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