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Simply Homeschool / 10 June 2024


When you pop into your membership portal this week you'll notice something new has arrived! The Simply Homeschool Gallery is now LIVE under the 'Interactive' tab in your lefthand menu.

The Gallery is a place where members come together to share and celebrate the beauty of learning at home with Simply Homeschool.

This vibrant kaleidoscope of images captures the vast and varied experiences, creativity, and journeys of homeschooling families around Australia.

Take inspiration from snapshots of learning moments, cosy reading nooks, interactive science experiments, and artistic masterpieces, and share your own homeschool happenings.

From kitchen tables to living room floors to adventurous exploration in the outdoors, each photo tells a unique story of dedication, passion, and joy in the pursuit of education.

We would love you to add some of your homeschool moments


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