New Core Program - Beauty

Simply Homeschool / 1 August 2022

Enter a world of fantastic fungi, fascinating photosynthesis, noises in the night and helpful habitats. Beauty is a tree with one amazing network of living things!

Wednesdays at Kariong

Simply Homeschool / 8 July 2022

We are excited to announce an amazing new face-to-face class for term 3! Join us each Wednesday at Kariong for an engaging day of community fun and learning. Join the rich variety of activities to suit students ages 5-14.

Term 3 Online Classes

Simply Homeschool / 27 June 2022

Enhance your learning journey with an interactive and engaging online class from Simply Homeschool. In Term 3, we are offering Aesop's Fables Literature Pockets (Ages 7-11), All About Numbers Part 2 (Age 11+) and Coral Sea Dreaming Part 1 (Age 10+).

100 Things to Know About the Oceans

Simply Homeschool / 26 April 2022

Are you ready to deep dive into the wonders of the water world? Explore marine biology, sustainability and design principles through our extraordinary oceans.

CONNECT with Simply Homeschool

Simply Homeschool / 6 April 2022

Introducing CONNECT - our new face-to-face class starting in Term 2! This 8-week program encourages students to forge connections with nature, each other and themselves through hands-on learning under the guidance of staff and park rangers.

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember

Simply Homeschool / 24 March 2022

ANZAC Day: A Day to Remember is a mini-core designed for use in the month leading up to April 25.

Australians All 01 - The Law of the Land

Simply Homeschool / 28 January 2022

Are you too old for stories? Never! Lean in close… Take a journey through history as you explore the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the Law of the Land.

Going Bush

Simply Homeschool / 25 November 2021

Are you ready to Go Bush? Invite your friends or family, collect your maps...


Karen Willson / 17 November 2021

What is chokhmah? Why is it more valuable than gold? How do I get it?

Travel and Homeschool - A Simply Homeschool Review

Lisa Flanagan / 16 November 2021

Travelling or planning to with kids? There is a good chance one of your biggest questions is “What about school?” After 5 months on the road home schooling 4 of my 5 kids (ages 4 to 14yrs) I share my tips, tricks and how using Simply Homeschool works for us as a travelling family.

Do I Need a Homeschool Curriculum?

Simply Homeschool / 5 August 2021

Whether you’re new to homeschool, considering homeschool or a veteran, at some point, we all ask the question, “Do I need a homeschool curriculum?”. The short answer: ‘no’, ‘yes’, and ‘maybe!’ Read on!

QLD Science and Surf Camp a Success!

Simply Homeschool / 27 May 2021

Last week over 100 enthusiastic Simply Homeschoolers surfed off to our first ever QLD Science and Surf Camp for 4 fabulous days on the Gold Coast. 

Real-Life Learning at Camp

Karen Willson / 13 April 2021

One of my favourite things about homeschool is the real-life learning opportunities. These come because we have time, because we are with our kids, and because the best real learning mostly happens while we are doing real life.


Karen Willson / 23 March 2021

Are you ready for Write in Colour Level 2, Cursive Handwriting and Integrated Art Lessons?

New products!

Simply Homeschool / 4 March 2021

Need more organisation in your life? We have the solution you've been waiting for...

The Space Core has Landed!

Karen Willson / 17 February 2021

WARNING! This Core Program is a learning experience of astronomical proportions!

In My Heart

Karen Willson / 3 February 2021

Are you looking for a Core to assist your kids to build emotional regulation skills?

Can I work and homeschool?

Fiona Morphett / 6 January 2021

Join us on Facebook live to learn about work and homeschool. Register for free planner downloads.

High School Science for Homeschoolers

Fiona Morphett / 14 December 2020

Have you noticed how many kids seem wired for science from a young age? But by the time they reach their high school years, that natural enthusiasm is often replaced by moaning and groaning and dramatic eye rolling.