Animalia New Core!!

Karen Willson / 23 March 2021

Are you ready for Write in Colour Level 2? Then Animalia could be right up your alley! Based on a stunning Graeme Base book, the artwork and text combine with lessons in English and Visual Arts for a fabulously creative learning experience. Discover why a clause may not be a sentence, develop your cursive handwriting style, practice spelling using etymology and gnilleps, write embedded clauses, learn how to transform a participle into a verb, and write your very own fabulously descriptive paragraph! These art lessons step you through the process of experimenting, planning, drawing, painting and colouring your very own detailed Graeme Base style artwork. Create something you may never have imagined possible! 
Animalia is an excellent next step after A Sea of Words if you're looking to develop understanding and skills in the practical application of the complexities of English Grammar!

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