Creative Phonics 3.1 NEW!!

Creative Phonics 3.1 NEW!! Jackie French - 'FIRE'

Karen Willson / 10 August 2021

Get active with your walking vowels and discover what happened when Ace the Whale ate a Bossy 'e'. Syllable Stamp your way into the rhythm of poetry. Meet Handy Andy Sand, the Grey Rain Cloud, Indigo Stick and Bright Light with hands on characters to learn long vowel sounds. Create a fabulous fiery art and write your own fiery poetry. Discover what it feels like to be flames licking a tree as you role play personification. Experiment with the science of fire as you send up your own hot air balloon. Get Down Low and Go! Go! Go! as you train to become your own home fire officer. Watch out for the crocodile and don't fall off the stepping stones as you read your way safely across the burning ground. Fire begins a new level of Creative Phonics to develop skills in reading and spelling with long vowel sounds.

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