FREE Group Class for Food Tech and Everything!

FREE Group Class for Food Tech and Everything!

High School Science
Karen Willson / 12 August 2021

Start collecting household plastics TODAY to join our Group Class with TAKE 3 next Thursday morning! 

These activities form part of our Food Tech and Everything! Core Program (Lessons 34-39 and 60-65).

All Simply Homeschoolers aged 12-16 are invited to join up for this exclusive event!

Take 3 will be working with students to look at their carbon plastic footprint and how this connects to CO2 emissions. They will calculate how that might look over a year, and discuss ways to reduce their carbon plastic footprint. 


WHEN: 19 August 2021, Science Week

WHERE: On-line webinar 

START: 9:00am - 11:00am AEST

DURATION: approx. 2 hrs

AUDIENCE: Stage 4/5 (ages 12-16)

EQUIPMENT: computer, kitchen scales, copy of Take 3 Student Worksheet


This program is fully funded and is free for Simply Homeschool students. 

To be involved please:

  • Email with your child/rens name, age, and the email address to receive the webinar link. NOTE: This information will be passed on to Take 3 so they can facilitate the program.
  • Download the Student Worksheet - the student will need to set aside all the household plastic (which would otherwise become waste) for a week. If it is food related it should be cleaned so it doesn’t stink at the end of the week.  The worksheet is a PDF fillable form and if possible, the student should fill in the waste audit form and weigh the week’s plastic prior to attending.
  • Do the C3 Survey.  This is a brief, 5 question survey checking student's prior knowledge of climate change and plastics: 

Optional Extras:

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