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How To Make Your Canberra Homeschool Trip Fabulous

How To Make Your Canberra Homeschool Trip Fabulous

26 March 2019

Last week we were in Canberra with Ruth (our fabulous editor!) working on our new Civics and Citizenship Core Program.  We visited so many amazing attractions and we're still not sure how we fitted so much into our week!

Here's our top 5 hints for making your Canberra Trip fabulous:


1. Involve the kids in the planning

It's important you involve the kids when you are planning your trip so that you spend time in places that they are keen to see. My daughter's top interest was Questacon, so we allowed most of one day for this. We spent 6 hours there, and she spent 3 hours making robots. Have a look on our Fb page to see the result!


2. Plan the details before you go 

This is one of the easiest ways to minimise stress and make the trip that little bit easier. Get a map and do your research for the top 10 attractions. Group attractions according to their locations so that you don't spend all day driving. 


3. Take advantage of educational tours.

Educational tours are fabulous and we learned so much. You need to do an educational tour at Parliament House, The War Memorial and either the Museum of Democracy OR the Electoral Education Centre if you want to apply for the PACER Rebate.


4. Allow for downtime

Allow for swimming in the caravan park pool and time on the jumping pillow. This can be very important for everybody's happiness!


5. Allow time to dig deep into their interests

Be sure to leave lots of time for their interests when you're at an attraction. We went to Old Parliament House (now the Museum of Democracy) and spent most of our time in the Press Area. We didn't even visit the Senate. My daughter found a sudden interested in the old typewriters and the history of political journalism.

Packing too much into your week can be really exhausting, so be prepared to go with the flow if what you'd like to achieve isn't actually possible! We didn't make it to everything we'd planned - and so we're planning to go back next year.

We are planning a Simply Homeschool Canberra Camp in August 2020. Interested in joining us? Drop us a line at