Let's Talk Wombats!

Let's Talk Wombats! New Core Program!

Karen Willson / 9 September 2020

Jackie French knows what it's like to have a wombat for a pet and in true Jackie French style, she shares her experiences with us through Diary of a Wombat - an engaging picture book that will inspire your learners to explore the world of wombats. This fabulous book has become the basis for our newest Core Program. Creative Phonics 2.2 is the second Core in Creative Phonics Level 2. Build on the basics of reading words with final consonant blends. Use this Core to continue on from Creative Phonics 2.1 with more work on consonant blends, or use it as a stand-alone unit for blending with kids who can already read words with initial consonant blends. Make your own sound cards for 'ch' and 'ng'. Make a wooden wombat to help you get your day organised. Begin dictation to practice handwriting, grammar, spelling, punctuation and reading comprehension. Practice the art of narration. Make a circular wombat that eats carrot notes. Develop your public speaking skills. Then put it all together for a Wombat Finale! This Core may have your kids begging to keep a wombat as your next pet!

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