Maths for Year 5 is Ready to Go!

Maths for Year 5 is Ready to Go!

Karen Willson / 14 October 2020

Explore Pascale's Triangle.

Plan an Orienteering Fun Day.

Learn the first 20 decimal places of Pi.

Check out Leonardo da Vinci's tree fractals.

Create a spreadsheet to assist memorisation.

Check out the COVID statistics for your state.

Measure the perimeter of your very own island.

Try out your own running times compared to Olympic Gold Medalists.

Use our NEW 2 Minute Maths Program to get your basic facts up to speed.

Try your hand and mind at coding Coding with Javascript, Python and HTML using a variety of websites.

Build a strong and functional mental concept of numbers, factors and multiples with a Plasticine Hundred's Chart.  

Add your own questions to our brand new interactive QUIZ for 100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers and Coding.

Immerse your student into the world of Numbers, Computers and Coding with 100 things to build inspiration and engagement. 

Then call it all MATHS for Year 5! 

Warning: This Core Program also includes SAP Maths 4A and 4B for a bit of regular maths practice...but not too much!

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