Maths for Year 6

Maths for Year 6 New Maths Core!!!!!

Core Programs Primary School Maths
Simply Homeschool / 11 December 2021


This activity is TOP SECRET! Only Simply Homeschool Number Detectives may access this confidential information. 

Your mission: Create a Puzzle Book to challenge your family and friends! 

Discover the secret to becoming a Maths Sleuth as you comb for clues and unravel riddles. Use Sneaky Strategies to solve tricky mathematical puzzles. Decrypt codes! Discard red herrings! Explore the Fibonacci Sequence, Maths Squares, Nonograms, Polybius Squares and Morse Code. Uncover the key to matching equivalent fractions, calculating the area of a cubic shape and converting measurements. Set up a crime scene and take photographic evidence! Harness the skill of money management and learn how you can buy a mansion!

But hurry – this message will self-destruct in 20 seconds!

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