NEW!! Creative Phonics Level 2.1

NEW!! Creative Phonics Level 2.1 Initial Blends

Karen Willson / 27 June 2020

Months in the making! We are very excited to announce the arrival of our first Core in Creative Phonics Level 2! Bush Tracks are the theme of this brand new learning adventure. Cover all the basics of reading words with initial consonant blends in this exciting Australian bush journey. Use this Core to continue on from Level 1 with a strong phonics foundation, or use it as a stand-alone unit for blending with kids who already know their single sounds. Make your own sound cards for 'sh' and the short 'u'/oo sound. Learn to track Australian Animals using Montessori Tracks and Scats Cards. Use Steiner style copywork or our very own Copywork paper to practice handwriting, grammar, spelling, punctuation and reading comprehension. Explore Aboriginal artworks and symbols for storytelling. Make your own symbol cards and use these to record your own bush exploration. Then put it all together into a mud map for storytelling. This Core is packed with goodies! 

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