New mini-core - Introduction to Australian Government!

New mini-core - Introduction to Australian Government!

Simply Homeschool / 10 June 2022

Ever wondered about the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate? Not quite sure how our voting system works? Are parliament and the government the same thing? In this core, you'll explore what democracy means to you, how laws are made, what the constitution is, why our politicians argue (and why it's important!) and much more.

Learners will reach a consensus on an issue using preferential voting, produce a creative response for the Museum of Australian Democracy's ongoing exhibition and write a formal persuasive letter to their local Member of Parliament.

Introduction to Australian Government is a 13-lesson mini-core suitable for learners eight years and over.

It is a PACER-eligible core for families travelling to Canberra. This core does not require a book.

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