Our Top 5 Fun Family Activities At Home

Our Top 5 Fun Family Activities At Home

Fiona Morphett / 15 May 2020

We've spent a lot of time at home lately and I'm sure you have too. Restrictions are now easing, but slowly, and the days are turning cooler so even though I can go to the beach we still aren't seeing our friends as much as we used to. 

So here are our top 5 fun family activities to do at home with no screens. 

1. Eating

Food preparation is essential and one of our favourite daily activities with both my kids who are still at home. 6pm often finds the three of us in the kitchen together preparing a delicious meal. It's my favourite time of the day - banter, conversation and yumminess.

2. Art

This is one of those lovely activities that inspires conversation. Colouring, drawing, painting, craft, and whether you are all working on something similar or different it's relaxing and you can do it indoors next to a nice fire. Sometimes we add a good audiobook too!

3. Board Games

Catan is one of my favourites and sometimes the older adult kids visit just to play. A quick game of cards after dinner before reading time is a favourite for my 12yr old and she can mostly convince her brother to join us. We are also a fan of games like Finska and Kubb for some outdoor fun.

4. Dance Party

I've taken up belly dancing - and my teens can't believe it! Online classes are a great way to get moving. Musical statues, yoga or just good old dancing around the lounge room to loud music. It's good for the soul and the body! 

5. Puzzles

The puzzles that we do together have changed over the years and gone from 30 large pieces to 1000 much smaller pieces. Once again, this inspires conversation while the hands are busy. There's also been some puzzle swapping among families just for variation.

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