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Student Gold for Writing is coming!

Student Gold for Writing is coming!

10 October 2018

Student Gold for Writing is coming and we are offering you a chance to try it out!

What is it you ask? Student Gold for Writing is a new initiative of Simply Homeschool and includes:

  • A separate "Student Membership" where you, as a parent, can allocate independent programs, books, lessons and activities.
  • Online submission for written work to our Simply Homeschool teachers
  • Individual student feedback from Simply Homeschool teachers for your child’s writing assignments
  • A shared writing room for students to submit their completed and approved written work. Other Student Gold for Writing Members can read their writing - creating more motivation for your students to complete work to a high standard.
  • Students will be able to read other submissions, and our comments, to provide them with examples for various assignments.
  • Progress is tracked and you can receive reports for student's written work and lessons completed!

We will have very limited places available to Current Members for the special rate of  $19.95 (that's 50% off the usual rate)! This will include a 1 month trial of Student Gold for Writing. Watch out for more information coming soon on how to apply!