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New Homeschool Maths for Year 3!

New Homeschool Maths for Year 3!

25 March 2019

Build a tent to accommodate 9,999 squares, play bingo with your times-tables using winning strategies, play battleships and mastermind, make fraction pizzas, cook rice, conserve water, analyse your family garbage, go food shopping, play with mirrors, study climate, make patterns with Lego, explore artistic symmetry, read about Sir Cumference's Birthday Party, and explore 3D Shapes in an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid. Then call it all Maths for Year 3!

Hands-on activities integrated with SAP Maths, Sir Cumference and Mummy Maths to create an engaging Core Program to build strong mathematical foundations. This is homeschool maths - written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers - just the way we like it!